Call to videotape teachers at work

29 December, 2013

A pretty controversial plan, is filming in the classroom a breach of privacy – or a a great way to improve teacher’s skills??

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Call to videotape teachers at work.


Splashing cash won’t fix Australia’s broken education system

21 December 2013

By Johanna O’Farrell – The Age
“Formal, prescriptive approaches to learning the basics of the English language such as phonics have also been dispensed with. Instead, the strategy is that children will simply learn to read and write ”by osmosis”. This is all well and good for children from families where reading is habitual. However, those from households where television and video games constitute the main part of a child’s ”diet” fall by the wayside.”

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Splashing cash won't fix Australia's broken education system.

I completely agree – we need to get back to basics, especially when it comes to teaching English and maths! Your thoughts?

ATAR ranks and HSC Marks are in – how does your school compare?

19 December 2013

The wait is over for almost 55,000 NSW students who found out the ATAR rank this morning – which effectively measures their success against their peers, and is used by Australian universities to offer places to school leavers. The ATAR was designed as a way to help level the playing field and compare students across a huge variety of subject combinations on offer. The anxious wait will now begin for students to see whether they have been selected in their preferred course.

Once again this year, James Ruse Agricultural high school maintained its number one ranking, with nearly 72% of its students receiving over 90% or higher in any HSC subject. The top 5 is rounded out with other government selective schools, with Abbotsleigh the big winner in the non-government school category, jumping up 10 places from 18 in 2012 to number 8 in 2013.

See the ranking below, or click here for the interactive version –

HSC School Ranks

Girls once again dominate HSC results

18 December 2013

With 83 out of 121 top subject awards taken out by females in this years’ NSW HSC, do we need to address learning needs for our boys? This domination seems to be an ongoing trend, with over two thirds of last years top achiever awards also going to girls. Are girls just better and more attentive students, or could boys increase their results by learning in a different way to girls?

There have been many documented studies showing the different motivators and methods for teaching girls and boys, perhaps its time more of these were employed in the classroom?

Drop us a line and let us know what you think.

HSC students

Great school communities inspire great conversations

6 December 2013

What do you get when you put a room full of principals and education professionals together to discuss the merits of social media use for schools …. some very enlightening comments from forward thinking people. Do you know any principals here in Australia that are taking the lead in the social media space?

I especially love the sentiment that any school not using social media is the equivalent of “education malpractice”!
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Social Media and Two-Way Communication | Connected Principals.

think outside the box

Australian Students falling further behind

3 December 2013

The debate continues to rage after the latest PISA report has been presented showing Australian students are falling further behind in all key leaning areas. This is sure to spark further discussion with the Government’s recent announcement to cut school funding. See the results here ….

SMH coverage

What do you think we can do to get our kids back on track?