ATAR ranks and HSC Marks are in – how does your school compare?

19 December 2013

The wait is over for almost 55,000 NSW students who found out the ATAR rank this morning – which effectively measures their success against their peers, and is used by Australian universities to offer places to school leavers. The ATAR was designed as a way to help level the playing field and compare students across a huge variety of subject combinations on offer. The anxious wait will now begin for students to see whether they have been selected in their preferred course.

Once again this year, James Ruse Agricultural high school maintained its number one ranking, with nearly 72% of its students receiving over 90% or higher in any HSC subject. The top 5 is rounded out with other government selective schools, with Abbotsleigh the big winner in the non-government school category, jumping up 10 places from 18 in 2012 to number 8 in 2013.

See the ranking below, or click here for the interactive version –

HSC School Ranks


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