Graduate teachers itching to inspire

29 January 2014

New teachers Tom Davis, Naomi Harris, Bronwyn Aitken and Harry Knock. Photo: Meredith O’Shea



So, it’s the first day at school for most today, and the anticipation, nerves, and excitement are at an all time high …. not only for students, but also teachers. Around 2500 graduate teachers will be preparing for their first lessons – each looking for unique ways to inspire our children. A great read below from 4 graduate teachers that spoke to The Age about starting teaching for the first time …

Education: Graduate teachers itching to inspire.


Boost school fundraising via social media

23 January 2014

Whilst having yochocolate_chip_720pxur kids knock door to door in your local neighbourhood selling anything from doughnuts to cookies may have been a successful fundraiser in the past – social media is changing the future of school fundraising.

Coordinating school fundraising via social media channels, will allow you to reach far more people in a given time frame, and can significantly increase your fundraising revenue targets.

There are various ways to approach fundraising via social media, so it’s important to pick the right channels for the right cause.

The article below is from the US, where cookie dough company Otis Spunkmeyer is helping guide schools on best practice use of social media to gain optimal results.  I’d love to hear from any Australian companies out there doing anything similar.

Fundraising Ideas By Otis Spunkmeyer.

Are you or the public defining your school brand?

15 January 2014


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Gone are the days where you as a school can completely control your brand. With the prominence of social media, conversations about your school are going on, whether you like it or not. Public perception of what your school is like can be based on the school’s facilities, how the kids behave in public, or your latest academic results, however, and these may not truly represent the vision and environment you are trying to create for your students.

I must admit, having recently gone through the process of selecting a school for my son, it wasn’t until I walked through the gates on an open day that I got a true sense of what the school was about, and whether it would be a good fit for our family. Listening to the teachers and principal detail their vision for the students, and values set out by the school, along with talking to current students, and new parents, I instantly knew we were in the right place. It wasn’t the lovely facilities, the expansive sporting grounds, the fancy website, or the glossy brochures, we made our decision based on the conversations we had with others connected to the school.

Why is it then, that most schools still seem to focus on the fancy brochures and a static website that preaches to parents, instead of getting involved in the conversation? Sadly, many prospective parents may never attend an open day, they may simply rule your school out by researching online. What sort of online profile does your school have? Are you able to have a two way conversation with perspective parents? Imagine a prospective parent being able to access a school Facebook page, or follow the Principal on Twitter to get a true sense of the day to day activities going on at the school. Surely this is a far better investment both in time and money for the school to concentrate on?

If your school needs help in showing your true brand essence online, please feel free to contact me for a chat.

3 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Schools

13 January 2014

Pinterest logo

Have you considered using Pinterest for your school? No – take a read of the article below and you may want to reconsider given the visitors it can drive to your school website …

3 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Schools.

Does Grandma ‘like’ your school Facebook page?

10 January 2014

If your school had one – I bet she would! Did you know that seniors are one of the fastest growing user groups on Facebook?

Having a school Facebook page is a great  way for grandparents to keep up to date on what’s happening at their grandchild’s school. By extending communications beyond the school parents, you can open your school community up to a broader range of interested individuals, and really get the conversation started!

More on seniors in this post via Forbes …

Facebook Is Getting More Popular — With Senior Citizens – Forbes.