Podcast – Using Video To Market Your School

I’ve recently been asked about video content, and how schools can use video effectively to promote “life at school” along with various events the school is hosting.

In doing some research, I came across this great podcast which covers all sorts of useful topics when creating video for your school:

  • Why schools should produce video
  • Equipment required
  • Editing and technical aspects
  • Optimal video length and hosting
  • Examples of schools using video well.

Well worth a listen …

#003: Using Video To Market Your School with Peter Baron [Podcast].

Is your digital portfolio up to scratch?

25 February 2014

Are you still carrying a paper based portfolio to job interviews? If the answer is yes, it’s time to start migrating this information online. Chances are your prospective employer will already be doing a search for you online before you even meet, so wouldn’t it be great if some of your work came up? We should also be teaching our kids how to create a positive digital footprint for future employers, this is the way of the future, and what better way of showcasing your work and personality than via the right social media channels.

The article below from Connected Principals is a good start to get you heading in the right direction –


A quality education begins with the best teachers.

20 February 2014

We all remember back to our school days, and the subjects we loved based on our favourite teachers. It’s amazing the impact one great teacher can have on a child – “the power of one”! From what I remember, it was about how engaging the teacher was more so than the content they taught. The best teachers could find a way to make the most dry subjects, fun and interesting. They took a personal interest in each and every child and were there to lend a helping hand when things were a little difficult. They went out of their way to bring extra stimulus into the classroom, and most of all, they had an incredible passion for teaching.

The article below from The Sydney Morning Herald highlights the current government’s plight to provide better training to our teachers, which will hopefully in turn, create more world class talent guiding our children in the classroom.

I’d love to hear from any current teachers, on what YOU believe the government needs to do to support you and your continual professional development?

A quality education begins with the best teachers, says Christopher Pyne.