Create Images That Drive Traffic

3 March 2014

image screen shot S4SI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – one of the best ways to engage your audience and help drive traffic is to use powerful images that resonate with your community.

Whether you source images to share, or create your own (which is very easy to do – see tips in article below), the secret is to be consistent in what you post and when you post.

You may look at posting an image that provides a useful tip, an inspirational quote, a joke, a how to, or an interesting fact. Just remember to ensure that it is going to grab the attention of your target audience.

As a school or educational institution, you probably already have a huge bank of images collected (both past and present) that relate to the school and your students. What about posting some old pictures of the school and it’s students, and showcasing the changes over time, or having a competition where you could photograph a specific item at the school, or abstract part of a school building, and have people guess what the photo is of? Keep a weekly photo journal of the school veggie patch to show parents what’s growing (this could be something you charge the students with helping out on).

These are just a few ideas of how to showcase what’s going on around your school in a more interesting way. Just remember, when posting images – have a think about what action you want your followers to take – Like the image, forward / share, click on the image to find out more, comment about it, enter a competition, etc.

The article below from Social Media Examiner has some great case studies from companies using images well, along with some excellent tips on how to create your own images.

Happy snapping!

5 Ways to Make Shareable Images That Drive Traffic | Social Media Examiner.


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