All the children are above average

17 April 2014

I wanted to share an article I came across on Connected Principals, which looks at the use of testing children, and the monumental task of trying to offer each child a niche experience that works to their strengths and passions. This scenario would be nice in an ideal world of smaller class sizes, which affords teachers the time and resources to cater for all at an individual level, however catering for many in the best and most engaging way possible may be a more realistic goal for the majority of today’s classrooms.

Whilst there isn’t a single test that can accurately assess all children, we do need to continue to gather data from Baseline testing as a starting point to see what children know at a given point in time and whether they are improving on these skills, or staying stagnant. This is the only way to ensure both students, and teachers are heading in the right direction.

Take a read for yourself – the comments others have made at the bottom of the article also make for interesting reading.

Connected Principals article


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