Why higher education needs to be more like BMW than Ford

29 April 2014

The article below published in the Sydney Morning Herald raises an interesting perspective on our current standard of higher education.

Photo: AFR

Photo: AFR

Are we scrambling to build more university places and turn students into mass a production line, or should we instead be focusing on limiting places and courses on offer, and making them more exclusive with a better quality output?

One only needs to look at the plethora of courses and campuses on offer to students, to see that you can obtain a degree in just about any chosen field at todays universities – many of which were once offered via TAFE and other educational colleges. So, is the graduating student at the completion of a university degree better equipped to enter the workforce, or are they simply further in debt and competing with 30 other qualified candidates for the same job?

Is the shine of a university degree starting to diminish?

Read the full article here

Why higher education needs to be more like BMW than Ford.


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