The Ford, the Flip, and the Future of Teaching

An interesting article on how business efficiency can be applied in the classroom.

talk from chalk

I’m always cautious when examples of best practice from the business sector are applied to education. The two sectors have much that is comparable and yet much that isn’t. Nevertheless, for the purposes of this post I’m going to dabble in it. Years ago I took a social studies class on an excursion to a (sadly now closed) Ford Motor Company museum. It was here that I first learned that the famed model T assembly line was a little more complex than I’d always assumed. I haven’t been able to confirm all of the following detail so I apologise if some of it turns out apocryphal but I’m going to run with it. After all, we’re all good friends here and no harm can come of it.

To begin.

The story goes that Henry Ford was searching for a way of lowering the cost to the consumer of his cars…

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