More specialists needed to groom kids for the digital world

12 April 2014

Today’s school kids know all there is to know about computers and all things digital – right? Not exactly – the alarming drop in students taking computing classes at school has less to do with them knowing everything, and more to do with the fact that there are so few specialists teachers to inspire kids down this path for future careers.


Knowing your way around a computer is very different to knowing how the inside of a computer works, or how technology design can influence the way people think and what they do. These are the sorts of skills our children need to be learning at school now to ensure we have enough talented professionals to fill the demand in a growing knowledge economy.

Everyone kicks up a stink when IT resources are outsourced overseas, however much of this is due to the fact there is a skill shortage locally.

The challenge for education and the government is how to motivate passionate teachers to specialise in this field, which in turn will attract and motivate students.

The following article from StartUp Smart  delves further into this skill shortage issue:

Growth – ICT teacher shortage leaves knowledge economy looking stupid.


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