What Have You Achieved #BecauseOfSchool?

Below is a recent excerpt from The Huffington Post, written by former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. The global #becauseOfSchool campaign is a wonderful initiative that I encourage you all to share and get involved in.


Image: The Huffington Post

#BecauseOfSchool is a chance for us all to look back on what a good education has given us and the opportunities it opened up in life. Education makes us who we are, and going to school gave us all something invaluable which nobody can take away. Whether it was the start of a lifelong passion, a career or even a best friend, we all benefited from the most basic opportunities that education provides.

Here’s how #BecauseOfSchool works:

Between now and June 26, when the world’s leaders meet in Brussels to commit funds to education at the Global Partnership for Education’s Replenishment Conference, we’re inviting you and others to tell the world what you’ve achieved #BecauseOfSchool, what your education gave you or how it helped you become who you are today.Share your #BecauseOfSchool story on social media.

Here are some creative ideas:

  • Take a picture of something special in your life which was only possible #BecauseOfSchoolFind
  • an old photo of yourself for “Throwback Thursday” on May 29, June 5, 12, 19 or 26 and tag #BecauseOfSchool
  • Take a selfie with your best friend whom you met #BecauseOfSchool
  • Write your #BecauseOfSchool message on blackboard or notepad and take a picture”

To see what Julia Gillard has achieved #becauseOfSchool, read the full article here: What Have You Achieved #BecauseOfSchool? | Julia Gillard.

Here is a link to the official site for campaign details to find out more: Global Partnership for Education


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