PODCAST – Creating a Systematic School Marketing Plan


What sort of marketing plan does your school have – if you have one at all? The podcast below is from Brendan Schneider, where he interviews school marketing expert, Randy Vaughn. It has lots of great information and resources – definitely worth a listen.


Here’s what’s covered in the podcast:

  • Why a school should think about having a systematic marketing plan
  • Is your current marketing planning characterized as CHAOTIC (led by trendy fads), COPYCAT (doing whatever our competition is doing) or CHRONIC CONFUSION (doing what we have done because we’ve always done it that way)?  Randy shares how he defines a marketing plan
  • Do you really have a marketing plan or simply a document that shares your enrollment goals? What Randy, and I, think a real marketing plan actually should be
  • The key components of an effective marketing plan
  • The surprising fact that school marketing is not about your school. We share who your marketing should be about
  • Enrollment numbers drive the budget of a school (and so much more). In admissions, we fixate on enrollment. Randy suggests schools should have a broader understanding of marketing beyond just enrollment
  • The number #1 audience your school marketing plan should include and probably doesn’t
  • What are the most important types of content to produce and where should you publish the content to get the most bang for your buck
  • What social networks should a school be on to help their marketing efforts
  • How should a school implement a systematic, year-around, marketing plan that gets results
  • Should you simply consider online marketing efforts or should you also think about off-line efforts
  • What is the ideal time frame for your school marketing plan
  • What personnel should be involved in your school marketing planning
  • What your physical school marketing plan should look like


Read more: http://www.schneiderb.com/creating-a-systematic-school-marketing-plan-with-randy-vaughn/#ixzz36NumhlVD

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Curiosity Driven Learning: Aya Sakaguchi at TEDxBeaconStreet

“What are students curious about? Students are naturally curious about their everyday surroundings and yet their classrooms are often limited by four walls. We now have the potential to integrate interactive real-world components to all forms of learning – the trick is to leverage students’ use of mobile technology and turn the world into their classroom. We can build learning environments that lets students explore and be curious about the world around them.”


How is your school or classroom integrating mobile technology to engage kids?

What Have You Achieved #BecauseOfSchool?

Below is a recent excerpt from The Huffington Post, written by former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. The global #becauseOfSchool campaign is a wonderful initiative that I encourage you all to share and get involved in.


Image: The Huffington Post

#BecauseOfSchool is a chance for us all to look back on what a good education has given us and the opportunities it opened up in life. Education makes us who we are, and going to school gave us all something invaluable which nobody can take away. Whether it was the start of a lifelong passion, a career or even a best friend, we all benefited from the most basic opportunities that education provides.

Here’s how #BecauseOfSchool works:

Between now and June 26, when the world’s leaders meet in Brussels to commit funds to education at the Global Partnership for Education’s Replenishment Conference, we’re inviting you and others to tell the world what you’ve achieved #BecauseOfSchool, what your education gave you or how it helped you become who you are today.Share your #BecauseOfSchool story on social media.

Here are some creative ideas:

  • Take a picture of something special in your life which was only possible #BecauseOfSchoolFind
  • an old photo of yourself for “Throwback Thursday” on May 29, June 5, 12, 19 or 26 and tag #BecauseOfSchool
  • Take a selfie with your best friend whom you met #BecauseOfSchool
  • Write your #BecauseOfSchool message on blackboard or notepad and take a picture”

To see what Julia Gillard has achieved #becauseOfSchool, read the full article here: What Have You Achieved #BecauseOfSchool? | Julia Gillard.

Here is a link to the official site for campaign details to find out more: Global Partnership for Education

Grannies helping with online learning

22 May 2014

What do you get when you connect an English language student from Brazil unable to afford to travel, with a granny from a seniors home in the US who loves a chat? A win-win situation  for both – what a great idea!

A new service out of Brazil, Speaking Exchange, is facilitating video chats for students, giving them the opportunity to practice their language skills one-on-one with seniors from a US retirement home, who are more than happy to chat away to anyone willing to listen.

See  a sample of how the exchange works:


Read the full article from Springwise …

Video chats connect language students with native seniors looking for conversation | Springwise.

More specialists needed to groom kids for the digital world

12 April 2014

Today’s school kids know all there is to know about computers and all things digital – right? Not exactly – the alarming drop in students taking computing classes at school has less to do with them knowing everything, and more to do with the fact that there are so few specialists teachers to inspire kids down this path for future careers.


Knowing your way around a computer is very different to knowing how the inside of a computer works, or how technology design can influence the way people think and what they do. These are the sorts of skills our children need to be learning at school now to ensure we have enough talented professionals to fill the demand in a growing knowledge economy.

Everyone kicks up a stink when IT resources are outsourced overseas, however much of this is due to the fact there is a skill shortage locally.

The challenge for education and the government is how to motivate passionate teachers to specialise in this field, which in turn will attract and motivate students.

The following article from StartUp Smart  delves further into this skill shortage issue:

Growth – ICT teacher shortage leaves knowledge economy looking stupid.

Essential Bookmark – All Facebook Image Dimensions

2 April 2014

Calling all Facebook administrators – if you, like myself, are continually doing a search on Google or Facebook for the exact dimensions for cover photos, app images, and all things Facebook – this is the page to visit …

Take a look at the article below from Jon Loomer – and BOOKMARK IMMEDIATELY! (it even comes as an infographic, or text version!)

All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic] – Jon Loomer Digital.

Using social media in the classroom – Podcast

29 March 2014

Podcast Template

Social media is already widely being used in classrooms for all ages – to bring together collective thoughts, and participate in groups within the classroom, and across the globe. In particular, high school and college students can benefit from being part of a connected environment. Hopefully your school /college already has many of these channels in place to assist and engage students in learning. The podcast below, available for FREE via the iTunes store, shares some great tips for schools and students – happy listening!

Social Media in the Classroom – PODCAST